Tuesday, 3 August 2010

National Children Study

Hey hey.
Here's a little film I've working on for the last couple of months for a live-action production company called Collective New York. The ad is actually directed by Ben Callner and produced by his brother, Adam Callner. No chance of me ever working in this way with my siblings. :)
I designed, storyboarded and animated the piece, with the precious help of Grigoris Leontiades and Ginny Robertson. I also found out that working for New York is just perfect if you're a bit slow in the morning, you just work a little bit later in the night.
See the final piece here.

Voici un petit film sur lequel j'ai travaillé pendant ces derniers mois pour une boîte de prod qui s'appelle Collective New York. Réalisation Ben Callner, production Adam Callner (des frères! Marrants d'ailleurs)
Je suis responsable du design, storyboard et de l'animation, avec un petit coup de main très bienvenu de Grigoris Leontiades et de Ginny Robertson.
Je recommande de travailler pour New York, on peut dormir tard!
Le film fini est ici.

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